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Keep moisture and mold out

Living things that invade your home are not always animals and insects. Mold is a serious health and property risk. Pestmasters, Inc. has been helping the local residents prevent mold from invading their homes for over 29 years. Our great customer service is backed by a reliable mold prevention process.

“Pestmasters, Inc. is the best termite/pest control company around!”

– Ariania Richter

You may know us as one of the most renowned pest control company in Central Arkansas. However, we also install, repair, and maintain, sump pumps. Our Visqueen and sump pump installations will keep your home and business safe from dampness and mold. Contact us for a FREE estimate. We offer services at competitive prices.

We also install sump pumps

  • Moisture barriers - Visqueen

  • Can be done before or after construction

  • Vent installation to prevent moisture

  • Mold treatment

  • Sump pump installation and maintenance

To prevent mold and dampness from entering your home, we install a brand of polyethylene plastic sheet called Visqueen. This sheeting prevents vapor and water from entering your home.  PestMasters, Inc uses high quality auto vents that allows outside air to circulate inside your crawl space during summer months to prevent moisture buildup that causes mildew and rot. In the winter. when the air is drier, the vents automaticly closes to reduce the chance of frozen pipes.

Prevent mold with visqueen & vent installation

More Solutions to Remove Pesky Mold

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