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By pestmasters1166546, Aug 25 2016 01:22PM

A new Dairy Queen is officially coming to Sherwood.

On Monday night, the city approved a plan to build the new restaurant using metal siding. The city's engineer says people are very excited for the return of Dairy Queen to the area.

“People are excited. I think they will enjoy Dairy Queen in the area...I know I will.”

The new Sherwood location isn't the only new Dairy Queen coming to central Arkansas. Another is expected to open in the area in the next six months.

By pestmasters1166546, Aug 5 2016 01:14PM

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By pestmasters1166546, Aug 4 2016 07:38PM

Only female mosquitoes "bite" because they require blood to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes subsist on nectar. Therefore, it is the female mosquitoes that carry infectious diseases such as arboviruses and parasites that can cause life-threatening illnesses.

By pestmasters1166546, Jul 28 2016 07:52PM

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